A dreamer, an avid reader of fiction, a sometimes gardener and a self-described inept crafter, Ms. Parker lives in Idaho, with her husband, three sons and little granddaughter. She loves to travel, but is always happy to return to her beloved Idaho. She has choreographed, performed, and taught dance for 27 years but as time passed, decided to try her hand at a new endeavor - writing. P. L., always the excellent world-builder, enjoys life and all its promises.

FEATURED BOOK:Beyond Tomorrow

The vicious and predatory Cros are amassing in ever growing numbers in the foothills above the travelers’ temporary encampment. Facing inevitable attack, the tribe hastens to prepare for the last leg of their journey—the perilous voyage across the Bering Strait to the shores of the Americas . But time is in short supply. Kidnapped by a band of marauding Cros, Rachel’s fate as a slave is preordained. Females are few, the tribeswomen the ultimate prize and better off dead the reality. But fate is capricious and unsettled. When the savage warrior, Hawk, overpowers her captors and takes her for his own, Rachel’s destiny takes a new direction.