FEATURED AUTHOR: Jessica Joubert

Madly in love with her own hero, Jessica considers herself one of the lucky ones. Attempting her first romance novel at age fifteen, Jessica continued to write and her first short story was accepted first time out for publication by a magazine with a readership of over one million. Four of her short stories, Masquerade: Meet Me Under the Halloween Moon, Montana Hideaway, New Orleans Gentleman, and Valentine Mine are currently available through Willow Moon Publishing. Remembering December, a Future Release, will be out soon. Jessica is now working on her first full-length novel, Storm Warnings.

FEATURED SHORT STORY: Masquerade: Meet Me Under the Halloween Moon

Having missed their chance in high school, will Cade and Kayla use the opportunity offered when they get into the same medical school to build something beautiful? A mysterious note: saying: "Masquerade: Meet Me Under the Halloween Moon," crosses Cade's path and gives him a reason to approach Kayla, but how will she react?

How many of us if we could would go back and find that dream romance - the one we let get away. Short and sweet, you are always guaranteed an HEA ending with a Jessica Joubert romance. Why not hideaway, and take the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lighter side of Halloween paired with the sweetest side of romance.