Heidi Fausel began writing children’s books shortly after she was laid off, as so many others were, in 2009. The Grand Adventures of Willie, Graci and Mighty Moose – Swimming, was her first book. She lives in Texas with her husband and four children. She and her family have four dogs, which were all rescued.

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"The Grand Adventures of Willie, Graci and the Mighty Moose - Swimming" features two English Bulldogs and a Chihuahua; Willie and Mighty Moose were days away from having their lives ended when they were rescued by the author. The characters and story are based off of the “antics” of these dogs. Though the three dogs have very different backgrounds, the story depicts the lessons learned in life through various adventures, a lot of curiosity and more often than not, mistakes (similar to today’s children). Their first adventure together about swimming depicts them enjoying their day by the pool and the danger that can come from such a simple activity if not careful…