JG Montgomery is a forty something year old public servant. He was born in Cornwall in the UK, the son of an Australian Air Force officer, and has lived in an amazing number of places as well as attended an incredible amount of schools.

He is a bass player, vocalist and song writer in a mod pop originals band and has spent time in both the Australian Army Reserve and Australian Air Force Reserve. He has university degrees in cultural heritage and teaching and was once a cricket coach. On his days off he is also a State Emergency Service volunteer.

He is also the author of "A Case for Ghosts- A personal journey into the often unexplainable world of ghosts and the supernatural."

He lives in Canberra, Australia with his partner Kirsten, two cats, a small fat dog, six ducks and a lot of goldfish, but no Oomee Mau Maus.

The Oomee Mau Mau is Mr. Montgomery's first children's book. He is both the author, and the illustrator. Children and adults alike will be in anticipation of each charismatic new illustration, while they race to discover the story's captivating ending.