Kathieís love of writing began when she was in the second grade in Iowa Falls, IA. Today, she is the author of two new books on autism, Tears of Laughter ~ Tears of Pain and I Never Told My Son He Couldnít Dance, and a childrenís book, Bayo, The Boo Cow. Kathie has authored numerous articles for many national magazines and her short stories and poems are renown in the world of autism and appear in various anthologies. Kathie writes on-line continuing education units and presents live webinars. Kathie Harrington, M.A., CCC-SLP (speech/language pathologist) graduated with her Masterís Degree from Truman State, Kirksville, MO. She is the owner and president of a private practice, Good Speech, Inc., Las Vegas NV. Kathie is a weekly blogger at ADVANCE, for Speech/language Pathologists, KathiesWorld.com, and On the Road with Humpty Dumpty.com. She is an international presenter on the topic of autism and language development. To Dance with Fireflies is Kathieís first novel but the sequel, Only a Hero, is well underway and her husband, Tim, is confident it wonít take her long to complete. Tim knows Kathie well after forty-five years of marriage. Tim and Kathie have two grown children whom they transplanted from the fields of the Midwest to the bright lights of Las Vegas some twenty-six years ago. Kathie can be contacted through her website at www.kathiesworld.com or at kathieh2@cox.net.