P is known for writing strong characters who have lived through difficult times. She likes to take real-life stories, fictionalize them and offer them up for contemplation, Her friends are well aware they may show up in one of her latest novels, sans recognizable features and with permission of course.

She has written for Dorchester, Loyola Magazine, McFadden's Woman's Group, The Rosebud County Press, White Rose Publishing, The Wild Rose Press and Willow Moon Publishing.

Her first novel, "Umbrella Rain: The Story of Manon" will be out in the near future. P is currently working on her next novel, "Gregoire Guillory: The Margarita Case."

Future Release:

"Umbrella Rain: The Story of Manon" (Literary/Mainstream Novel)

Sitting at her father's feet while he played the accordion, hot summer days running through vast green okra fields, playing house under a shade tree happily making mud pies, and grasshopper tea; all the innocent memories of a little Cajun girl named Manon, now an accomplished and beautiful woman. But no matter how hard she tries, Manon cannot recall her innocence without dredging up her haunted past...veiled threats, half-remembered conversations, vivid flashes of light and of turbulence, and the twilight of sleep-walk. In Umbrella Rain, Manon begins to understand just what happened to her as a young girl. But there is one memory that proves false, not by design, but by the complexity that is Manon's life - and the truth washes over her in one mind-numbing instant.