Rachel Reeves was born in Louisiana, but spent her formative years in Montana. She did most of her undergraduate work at the University of Utah, and ultimately came home to New Orleans. She has always loved to read and has stayed up many a night enjoying the writings of David Eddings, and many other fantasy novelists. After receiving a set of romance novels set in Ireland from one of her sisters she was hooked. These days, Rachel juggles her time between raising a young family, working as a high school librarian and taking time to indulge her favorite hobbies. Her hobbies of course include both reading and writing, but also playing video games, watching movies, enjoying the occasional role-playing game, paint ball, and drums (which she played from elementary school through college)...and the list goes on.

Rachel Reeves has a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Literature from Loyola University New Orleans and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University (LSU).

Ms. Reeves is the author of the fantasy romance "Shade," and is working on a trilogy for Willow Moon. She is an accomplished world-builder, and has a knack for peppering her stories with magical characters you'll never forget...in a world that draws you in and makes you want to stay.