Terry L. Prejean was born and raised in Mamou, La. He has worked in the education field for more than 36 years as a Social Studies teacher, football coach and Athletic Director. His children have always told him how “opinionated” he is so he decided to write some of them in book form. Terry and his family love to travel together when time and schedules permit. His hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, tennis and especially time with the family. Terry is married to Elizabeth (30 years who’s counting) and is the father of Ashli, Adam, Jaclyn, Jessica and Amanda. Ava is his only grandchild at the moment. He is looking forward to retirement so he can really keep his eyes open and formulate more opinions.

Current Project: “We’ve Lost It! What Happened to Common Sense and Decency?” Some of the things going on in the world today “just ain’t right.” Individuals, educators and political leaders don’t seem to be using “common sense” in dealing with people or in their decision making. We don’t treat people with the common “decency” that we should expect in our lives. I’m trying to determine, even if only for my benefit, whether or not we as a civilized society truly use common sense and exhibit common decency in our everyday lives and in our decision making. It’s not at all a scientific undertaking but primarily my own personal experiences and opinions. Please feel free to read, agree with or disagree with my views and opinions, and maybe you’ll look at things differently.

Next Project: “There IS Hope! Feeling Good in Bad Times” I wanted to write about optimism versus pessimism and realized that I could expand on the idea of having hope during the bad times we face. We all have to endure adversity and hardships in our lives but some of us handle it better than others. Some of the instances of negativity seemingly overwhelm and paralyze some individuals. I talk about how “attitude” plays such an important part in how we respond to and handle the troubles we face. I give simple steps to follow to have a chance to rise above the negative influences that you will certainly face. In the final analysis, you will realize that you CAN face and defeat pessimism, you CAN learn and grow as an individual to have a more positive, optimistic view of life, and you CAN arm yourself with tools to live and prosper no matter where you are in your life.

In the Works: “To Serve – What Does It Really Mean?” At one time or another, we’ve all heard the call “to serve”, but what does that really mean? Whether it’s volunteering for some function for your children’s school, a church event, or even in the community as an elected public official. But what exactly does this “service” require of you? I try to identify “service”, describe how some people feel obligated to serve and others feel a kind of “calling” to serve. I describe the different types of services that many people provide and the value it has not only for the people served and the community but for the individual who serves. At one time I was going to only focus on a theme of “public service vs. career politicians” because I was so fed up with politicians who seemed to be looking out only for themselves. I realized that “service” has many meanings and many different participants that go way beyond elected officials. I hope to shed some light on the meaning of service, the types of service and the value of service for others and ourselves.